Successful Opening Night at My Neighbours, The Langham Court Theatre

The Langham Court Theatre here in Victoria presented their opening night last night for the play, Escape from Happiness. As a neighbor to the theatre and ongoing sponsor, I hosted a gathering for friends, family, fellow real estate agents, clients and theatre attendees at my home, The Laurels – built in 1876 with the theatre as the carriage house. It was a lovely soirée to set the mood for the evening of fantastic theatre in a historic building. Delicious canapés were catered by The London Chef, a local company run by innovative chef, Dan Hayes.

I thank everyone who attended our pre-theatre event as it was a great introduction to many new friendly faces and residents of the area as well as travellers. As the mingling came to an end and we walked next door to The Langham Court Theatre, there was a full audience ready to enjoy the opening show.

An applause to the talented and enthusiastic cast that portrayed roles of a family in the east end of Toronto with major differences and hardships showcased in a humourous way despite the dysfunction. A great play of Canadian humour with bizarre situations that kept the audience engaged and giggling from beginning to end.

With the Langham Theatre here in Victoria as my neighbour, I have continued to show support through my fundraising program and build upon the historic friendship of my home The Laurels and The Langham Court Theatre. As a patron of the theatre and the arts, I have created a unique program that provides a fundraising opportunity to the theatre. For each referral from The Langham Court Theatre that results in a completed real estate sale, I will donate 25% of my commission back to the theatre.



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