Kitchen 101: How to Select the Right Sink for Your Lifestyle

Wether you just moved into a new home or you are sprucing your home up to put it on the #YYJ market, here are some great tips for a new kitchen sink.


1. Copper: Promotes a Healthy Environment

Did you know that copper is a naturally antimicrobial finish? Copper sinks are the perfect solution to the kitchen that deals with heavy traffic, kids, pets and parties. This type of finish is also a cinch to clean and requires little day-to-day maintenance. Should you be in the market for something au natural, copper also ages really beautifully, hinting at a slight patina over the years. The only downside to a copper finish? It does tend to warp if you use boiling hot water often. A solution to this problem is to ask for a particularly thick copper finish that will withstand several years of pasta water and washing dishes. Prolong the beauty of your copper sink by keeping abrasive plates, bowls and glasses out of the sink and stowed in the dishwasher. The copper sink style looks beautiful in a contemporary home because of its metallic sheen, but it can also be completely classic when added to a traditional setting.


2. Stainless Steel: The Popular Option

Strong and durable, the stainless steel sink is to kitchens as porcelain is to bathrooms. Stainless steel is a great option for the homeowner looking to match their appliances, promote a clean and sleek space or simply choose a sink that is relatively hassle-free. The stainless steel sink is also very sanitary, making it an ideal choice for washing dishes, small pets and dirty hands. Before you officially decide on this style, though, note that stainless steel is very prone to scratches. Luckily, most scuffs can be buffed out with a little elbow grease. This style works in nearly all homes, especially those with other stainless steel appliances like refrigerators and ranges.


3. Cast Iron with Porcelain Enamel: The Strong Solution

If you need more durability than copper and more scratch resistance than steel, take a look at cast iron sinks coated in porcelain enamel. Beautiful and strong, this sink is a great alternative to the materials mentioned above and then some. It’s heat resistant, so it won’t warp or bend, and it’s non-porous, meaning little scratches and scuffs are virtually non-existent. Other features include resistance to chipping and cracking, perfect for the avid chef who uses their sink often. Cast-iron sinks featuring porcelain enamel are beautiful and simplistic. They can be the star of a minimalist kitchen or one with a neutral color palette.

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