Five Ways to Update a Home’s Interior Design To Sell Your House Without Spending a Fortune

You want to sell your home but the interior decor is dated and tired. It needs a little help to appeal to buyers, and you need help getting it done on a limited budget.

It is not necessary to hire a professional interior decorator to update a home’s interior design. With very little money, a lot of creativity, and items already in the house, any homeowner or DIY enthusiast you can transform an ordinary space into a showplace.

Here are five inexpensive ways to update the interior décor of a primary city residence or a weekend getaway retreat or cottage:

 Use Paint to Update a Home’s Look Quickly and Inexpensively

A new colour or just a fresh coat of paint is a quick and easy way to update, change or renew the look of a room or an entire house. Think about creating an accent wall with a different colour paint. Give buyers something to focus on! A painted accent wall immediately creates a focal point in any room. For less than $50, one or two rooms could be repainted.

Budget Buster Tip: Check out the clearance sections at Home Depot and Lowe’s. paint that was incorrectly tinted or returned are offered at very cheap prices.

 Rearrange The Furniture and Repurpose Old Pieces

Sometimes all a room needs is a new perspective. Take a good look around the project space, whether that is the living room, dining room, family room or bedroom. Can the furniture be moved around to create a new vignette? Is the room overcrowded and in need of editing? Don’t overcrowd a room – buyers will feel closed in! What about that vintage buffet in the dining room that never gets used… wouldn’t it look super painted and moved to the family room as a repurposed but very functional long stand for the new wide screen LCD television? The storage within can be used to tidy up games, puzzles and video games that often clutter a family space.

Budget buster tip: Always try to use existing furniture before running out to purchase new pieces. Most homeowners are oblivious to how much stuff is hidden in their homes, and this is a great way to save money and give one or more rooms a whole new look.

Using Slipcovers to Create Brand New Furniture

One of the best inventions in home décor and interior design is the slipcover. When budget is an issue and replacing the sofa is not an option, covering with a new fabric slipcover is an excellent option. Most slipcovers are washable so they are kid and pet friendly. In any department store or specialty retailer (like, there is a wide range of covers ranging from loose throws to custom fitted. The more custom the fit, the more tailored the piece of furniture will look as will the overall room design. For Ikea sofas, new covers can be purchased on their website and also by a custom cover company called Bemz.

Budget buster tip: If the retail price of fitted slipcovers are too expensive, check out sites like, Craigslist and eBay for bargains.

 Colour is the Imperative Link in all Interior Design

In any home redecorating project, success cannot be achieved without colour. Even if the room is entirely done in shades of white to elicit a shabby chic feel, it is still planned with colour. Aside from painting walls and furniture, there are easy and cheap ways to inject colour into a room with cushions, pillows, window coverings, and area rugs. Simply adding a bunch of colourful flowers in a large crystal vase in a room will change the feel from drab to cheery.

Budget buster tip: For under $10, a cotton throw, a linen tablecloth and four pillows covers can be hand dyed. Once the colour is changed, try adding some interest by sewing on some cool ribbon trim, a few old and interesting buttons or some beads.

Accessories are the Finishing Touch

It is necessary to choose a room’s accessories carefully – too much and the room looks cluttered and chaotic; too little and the space appears cold and impersonal. What is not necessary is to spend a fortune on accessorizing a room. Again, look around the home to see what can be moved around to give a fresh appeal. In a dimly lit room, add silver plated accent pieces and a few mirrors to reflect the light. In a large room, add lots of artwork on a single large wall to make the room appear smaller and more intimate.

Budget buster tip: Second hard stores, flea markets and yard sales are the best way to accessorize a home. For mere pennies on the dollar, a room or an entire house can be dressed in high end pieces that look like a million bucks.

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