Congratulations on your new home purchase! Now that the deal is done, there are so many things that need to be done before your closing date. Here is a checklist of things you can do in advance (and really should!) to get you on your way home…


Once you have that closing date in hand, call your favourite movers and get a date booked. This should be your first order of business, as good dates book up fast! If you are planning on moving yourself, you still need to book the truck rental and the moving equipment (dolly, tarps, furniture pads, etc).


Nothing more exciting than getting the keys to your new place! Too bad those keys are about to become obsolete. You should change the locks on your new home, for the safety of your family and your property. Book the locksmith as close to your move-in date as possible so it’s one less thing you’re stressing about the first night in your new place.


If you already have a security company, it is as simply as transferring your account to a new address, and perhaps having new security consoles installed. However, if it is something you want in your new home, look online for local companies and consumer reviews.


You would be surprised how many people leave this to the last minute. All of your accounts – INTERNET, CABLE, GAS, WATER, ELECTRIC, PHONE – need to be switched over to your new address. For most companies, you can do it online. Check out my 60 day step by step moving checklist for direct links to local Victoria utility companies.decorate your Victoria BC home with mirrors


Keep in mind that if you are custom ordering furniture or appliances, they take many weeks for final delivery. Order early to avoid disappointment, or moving into your new home without a fridge and stove.


Alert your housekeeping service, landscaper and sprinkler maintenance company of your upcoming move. These are the little details that get lost in the frenzy of home closing time.

  1. PETS

Will your pets need a sitter or possibly boarding while you transition from one home to another? Book these services in advance to ensure your furry family members are taken care of.


Your change of address is an important one and yet less than 50% of moving families pay for a mail forwarding service. Even if you are diligent about contacting everyone that sends you mail, you WILL miss a few. Canada Post offers an easy online service and you choose the start and end date of the mail forward service, so you can book it right now. Click here for the direct Canada Post link.


Closing day is important. Take the day off work, book a babysitter and free your calendar so you can be sure that any unforeseen glitches are given ample time to be resolved, and you also get to celebrate your new home!


If your children are changing schools, make an appointment as soon as possible, so that is all in order before the big moving day. A smooth transition for children is important and allowing them to ease into a new neighbourhood and new school is a really good idea.

CLICK HERE Screenshot 2017-02-28 11.21.12 to download and print the PDF version of this moving guide.


And if you are an ultimate list maker and planner, click here for an in depth 60-day step-by-step moving guide with local companies and contact numbers.